COVID-19 Guidance Provided to Patients and Families

As the surge of COVID-19 slows down, it remains important to remind patient families of what they can do to protect against infection, as well as provide guidance on what to do in case of a COVID-19 infection. Effective immediately, basic, protective guidance on COVID-19 will be printed with every after-visit summary (AVS) for the Emergency Department, inpatient and Surgical Services. This will print automatically and be maintained by Med/Surg leadership in collaboration with Children’s Physicians leadership.

For patients with COVID-19 or who are awaiting test results, more specific instructions about COVID-19 will be printed automatically, based on if COVID-19 is on the patient’s Problem List. Please make sure the Problem Lists are updated, as this will ensure the correct information is provided to patient families and will help us collect data that can impact patient care. The instructions are also available in Spanish.

For the Specialty Pediatric Center and Children’s Physicians offices, this information will be optional to print; it will not be automated.  Please send comments or questions to your area leader or Lauren Maskin, M.D.