COVID-19 Update June 18, 2020

What Everyone Needs to Know for June 18, 2020

  • COVID-19 respiratory specimens must be hand-delivered to the laboratory for processing. This is following recommendations from the CDC. You can review the full CDC recommendation on myChildren’s and The Pulse.
  • Guidelines for handling COVID-19 positive patients when they return for visits are available on the COVID-19 page on the intranet. Highlights of these guidelines include that all immunologically normal patients should no long be considered infectious 21 days from symptom onset or diagnosis, whichever comes first, and these patients should be cared for an any other patient. In the event of an emergency, the patient/family should not hesitate to seek care, but should notify those who will be caring for them of their recent COVID-19 diagnosis. Review all the guidelines by clicking here.

What Everyone Should Do for June 18, 2020

  • Please watch this video, where Seun Adetayo, M.D., division chief of Pediatric Plastic Surgery, discusses how we’re keeping patients safe during surgeries. This video will be shared online and via social media.
  • In this video just for kids, Jennifer McWilliams, M.D., division chief of Pediatric Psychiatry, shares advice on making the most of virtual visits—how they work and what to expect. This video will be shared online and via social media.

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