Expanded Plastic Surgery Services Now Available at Children’s

Children’s is committed to delivering leading-edge care and expanding its Plastic Surgery service lines. As Children’s Pediatric Plastic Surgery leader, Seun Adetayo, M.D., has established a multidisciplinary Pediatric Plastic Surgery program to treat even the most complex of cases.

Dr. Adetayo, who joined Children’s in February, is providing and managing the full spectrum of care for children and older patients as they transition into early adulthood. She says the surgeries performed are about much more than appearance. These services provide emotional strength, resilience, confidence and restore function.

“Whether it is a congenital condition or an issue arising from traumatic injury, we want to treat children from head to toe, from birth to young adulthood,” says Dr. Adetayo. “The comprehensive services we provide and the fact that we are dedicated solely to pediatric care really sets Children’s apart,” she says.

Click here to see the wide range of conditions treated by Pediatric Plastic Surgery.

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