Hubbard Nutrition Center Streamlines Milk Preparation

A hidden gem of the new Hubbard Center for Children is its Nutrition Center, a state-of-the-art lab for centralized milk preparation, located on the 7th Floor NICU. Having a dedicated space to receive, store, process and prepare expressed breastmilk and specialty formula away from the bedside helps the Nutrition Center team to prevent contamination, improve accuracy and prevent misadministration. This lab, which is unique both locally and to the region, has also proven to improve patient safety, nurse productivity, patient satisfaction and health outcomes.

Tammi Martin, Nutrition Center and Lactation Services, is a champion for this program, and she envisions becoming a regional and national leader recognized for the provision of safe breastmilk and formula.

 “The construction of the Hubbard Center opened the door to develop this program, which offers countless benefits. Research shows how valuable this service is to the hospital and families,” she says.

The Nutrition Center team handles all specialized nutrition needs for patients of all ages, not just formula and breastmilk specifically. One critical feature of the lab is its bar-coding software, which safeguards against errors associated with recipe calculations, feeding administration and violations of expiration parameters—and it interfaces with Epic. Trained nutrition technicians, strict cleaning and PPE guidelines and countless daily processes help ensure a safe, clean environment that optimizes patients’ growth and development while improving their health outcomes.

Beyond storing, prepping and delivering formula, breastmilk and other specialized nutrition needs daily, the Nutrition Center acquires pasteurized donor human milk from the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA) regulated Mother’s Milk Bank in Denver to provide human milk when needed for its sickest babies. With 2 oz. and 4 oz. bottles of donor milk available, the team aims to minimize waste. These are scanned into the bar code system and used for qualified infants.

“The Nutrition Center is Children’s way of saying that we value the milk that these mothers are providing and strive to store and prepare it to promote the best outcomes for their baby,” Tammi adds.