New myChildren’s Platform Launches Thursday

On Thursday, March 17, Children’s is launching a new myChildren’s desktop platform that will also have mobile capabilities. The new myChildren’s platform—which will also be home to The Pulse content for medical staff—is designed to enhance team communications and will provide Children’s staff with access to information anytime, anywhere. The Pulse content will continue to be updated at least twice weekly, on Tuesdays and Thursdays and will be available to community physicians and providers through the app. 

  • Children’s staff should watch for an email from The Pulse on the morning of March 17 with helpful videos and a tip sheet to guide you in using the new desktop platform and show you how to download and use the myChildren’s app.  
  • Community physicians and providers will receive an email from no-reply@staffbase on March 17 with instructions for logging in to access The Pulse

Please note: when Children’s staff access myChildren’s on your desktop, you will need to open your Google Chrome browser, then click on the gray “Sign in with Children’s Hospital account” button (see below), and enter your Children’s network username and password to sign in. This log-in ensures greater security and a more customized content experience for users. 

The following are some frequently asked questions to help Children’s staff prepare you for the change. 

Why will myChildren’s have a new look? 
Some changes to the platform were necessary to make the information available on mobile devices. 

What’s new/different? What is staying the same?  
myChildren’s is still the go-to place for all your daily information needs, policies, links and more. The new platform will also be home to The Pulse content for medical staff and community physicians and providers, accessible through the app on your phone. You can comment on news stories as you did before, but now you can “like” content by clicking the heart icon or add emojis and photos. Future features will include the addition of specific team or interest-based channels to help you better connect with colleagues within your department and across the organization. 

How do you initially log in?  
You will be prompted to use your Children’s network username and password. To securely access some of the files housed on the network via the app, you will also need to log in to Microsoft 365. You should only have to log in once per session and then not again for subsequent files. If you close the app, you will have to log in again. This is part of standard security requirements to ensure that all content from Children’s remains secure. 

What if I can’t find something on the intranet or have changes? Who do I email/call?  
If you are unsuccessful using the search bar to find what you need, contact [email protected]. Content change requests can be directed to [email protected]. Please note: the intranet is always a work in progress! We welcome your feedback as we seek to optimize team members’ experiences on the new platform. 

Will the same information be on the app that is on the desktop?  
Yes, however some links are only accessible while on the Children’s network (e.g. Lucidoc, TEG Manager and TempTrak). 

How often will myChildren’s be updated with new information? What about The Pulse? 
As always, there will be daily updates made Monday through Friday mornings. As important news becomes available, we’ll share updates in real time. The Pulse content for our medical staff is updated at least twice weekly, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Will I have to use the Duo mobile app to access the app?  
Yes. This provides an extra layer of security required by Children’s IT team. 

While on the desktop version, I noticed I was kicked off after 5 minutes. Why did this happen?  
This is another feature implemented for security purposes. If you’re idle for more than five minutes, you’ll be asked to log in again. 

Can I download the myChildren’s app to a Voalte phone? 
No. Voalte devices do not allow external internet access and would not allow many of the features of the new app. 

Does everyone have the same access and content experience?  No, the app is designed with various viewpoints; content is tailored and delivered depending on each individual team member’s role and needs (e.g., physicians receive access to The Pulse).