New myChildren’s Intranet Platform, Mobile App to Launch

On Thursday, March 17, myChildren’s will transition to a new intranet – a move that will allow the same daily news and intranet content on myChildren’s to also be accessible on a mobile app. The new myChildren’s puts people first and supports our strategic goal of fostering an environment where our team can grow and thrive by closing communication gaps, offering increased opportunity for engagement and improving the experience. The mobile app will offer thousands of team members—many with limited access to their inbox or a desktop computer—information they can access anytime, anywhere.

While both the desktop and mobile versions of myChildren’s will look slightly different, they will offer the same content currently available, with some necessary security features added for mobile users. Recipients of The Leader and The Pulse newsletters will be able to access stories on both desktop and mobile versions and will continue to receive email prompts to check out new content. 

Starting March 3, there will be a two-week freeze on intranet text and document changes as the web team prioritizes a smooth transition. Updates will only be made to the new platform during this time. Thank you in advance for your understanding. Please continue to refer any requested changes to [email protected].

Watch for more information in The Pulse closer to the March 17 launch date. Thank you for your support and engagement as we go mobile-first to put people first!

Angela Hanna, M.D., Appointed Medical Director of VAT

Congratulations to Angela Hanna, M.D., Pediatric Surgery, who has been appointed medical director of the Vascular Access Team (VAT). She has been assigned this role with the full support of Jessica Goeller, D.O., who has been providing outstanding leadership and support to this vital team over the past several years. Dr. Goeller will continue to be an important part of this team. Her leadership continues to grow throughout the organization and is greatly appreciated.

Dr. Hanna brings many pediatric surgical skills and experience to this new leadership role. In addition, she is the medical director of Trauma and Surgical Critical Care. Her leadership will enhance the coordination and support for the VAT team, which will continue to grow and develop in a fully integrated fashion.

Children’s GI Fellow Awarded National Poster Presentation Award

Congratulations to Alvaro Flores, M.D., a third year Gastroenterology/Hepatology/Nutrition fellow at Children’s, who was awarded “Poster of Distinction” at the North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition (NASPGHAN) annual meeting in December 2021. Dr. Flores’ poster is entitled “Association Between BMI Change, Transaminases and Other Metabolic Parameters in Children with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.” He will join Children’s Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology/Hepatology/Nutrition staff in July, as well as associate medical director of the Weight & Wellness program. 

Click here to see the poster.

Health Care Workers Appreciation Week is Celebrated Now Through March 4

To show our appreciation for our health care team, the Hubbard Center for Children will be lit in white starting on March 1. On Friday, March 4, the public will be asked to wear white and post photos on social media of themselves or their teams at work or school, with the hashtag #LightWhite4Healthcare. Please ensure appropriate permission has been given by those pictured. You may also send photos to [email protected]. Health Care Workers Appreciation Week is meant to show all providers who work in the medical system that their passion and hard work are noticed, valued and respected.

Watch a video here.

Celebrate Child Life Month

March is Child Life month, and Children’s recognizes the Child Life specialists who help our patients and families throughout the hospital and clinics. Child Life specialists work in the Cardiac Care Unit, PICU, 4 Med/Surg, 5 Med/Surg, Cardiac Care Unit, 6 Med/Surg, Pre/Post Op, Emergency Department, PATCH, Radiology, Hematology/Oncology and the Infusion Center. These specialists meet the psychosocial needs of patients and families in many ways.

Child Life specialists provide developmentally appropriate preparation and support to children during medical procedures. They also help patients understand and cope with a new diagnosis or treatment plan. Because siblings can have difficulty coping with what their brother or sister is going through, Child Life also provides sibling support.

Normalizing the environment is important to allow kids to be kids during their hospitalization. Child Life creates play opportunities to support each child’s development and plans special events to help with socialization and connection with their families. Facility dogs, Sansa and Frito, are specifically trained to work alongside their Child Life handlers to help aid in coping and provide comfort for our patients. The Child Life team at Children’s plays an essential role in minimizing the stress and trauma patients may experience in the hospital.

Thanks to everyone on this amazing team for all you do. Child Life is such an important part of what makes Children’s special!

Health Care Workers Appreciation Week Starts Feb. 28

The week of Feb. 28 through March 4 has been proclaimed Health Care Workers Appreciation Week by the Douglas County Board of Commissioners and is supported by Mayor Stothert and the City of Omaha. Members of the community can show gratitude and kindness to all the dedicated, brave people who provide health services and support to our friends, families and neighbors every day. We want to say ‘thank you’ to our team members who continue to show up and serve with expertise and compassion.

Businesses and individuals are asked to participate by displaying white ribbons in their windows or yards, lighting up businesses in white or leaving the lights on, conducting an act of kindness for a health care worker or sharing a simple ‘thank you.’ To show our appreciation for our health care team, the Hubbard Center for Children will be lit in white next week starting on March 1.

On Friday, March 4, the public will be asked to wear white and post photos on social media of themselves or their teams at work or school, with the hashtag #LightWhite4Healthcare. Please ensure appropriate permission has been given by those pictured. You may also send photos to [email protected].

Health Care Workers Appreciation Week is meant to show all providers who work in the medical system that their passion and hard work is noticed, valued and respected.

COVID-19 Updates for Children’s Team Members

It has been five weeks since Children’s “crisis status” was activated for Employee Health (EH) to manage the high demand for care and services while meeting the needs of our team members. As we continue to review and update our COVID-19 plans, some protocols are changing, and some will remain the same.

Thank you for your dedication and adaptability as things continue to evolve and we do our best to put our people first. In most cases, Children’s Employee Health is returning to normal operations and the crisis standards of care plan are no longer in effect. Please share any questions or concerns with your leader.

Normal EH Operations Resume
All annual compliance appointments and other clinic offerings (lab draws, TB tests, etc.) will resume. Call Employee Health at 402-955-6020, option 2 to schedule an appointment. Alternatively, you may schedule appointments via Children’s Employee Health online scheduling portal.

Return to Work after COVID-19
To return to work after COVID-19 infection, you will now be required to be seen by a medical provider or Employee Health to verify readiness to return to work. This ensures that all staff have met the criteria (as defined by the CDC) to return to work.

Weekend Coverage
As our COVID-19 positivity rates continue to drop and the need for services dwindle, EH will revert to its prior state of being “on call” during the weekend hours. For urgent issues that arise outside of EH’s normal business hours, please contact your leader for further guidance.

Pre-Clinic/Pre-Day Shift
Due to Employee Health’s new testing location, clinical team members with symptoms who require testing before their shift begins will need to be coordinated through EH by calling 402-955-6020.

EH Phone Line for Physicians & Providers
Our provider line has proven to be a huge success. EH will continue to offer a separate phone line for physicians and providers who have COVID-19 concerns and questions. Call EH at 402-955-6020, press option 9 for the COVID-19 line and option 1 to select that you are a provider. Please note: this line will only be available during normal business hours. For urgent issues that arise outside of these hours, you should contact your leader for further guidance.

Technically Speaking: Getting IT to Work for YOU

True or false—getting help from IT is as simple as asking. False. I wish it were true, but just the process of asking for help can be quite confusing at times. Let’s talk about how to get the help you need—specifically, how to open tickets and request projects.

First, there’s the Helpdesk ticket. I’m pretty sure most of you are acquainted with that one. To open one on your own, just click on the My Service Center icon on your desktop.

You can then enter your own requests into the Cherwell service management system by clicking through My Helpdesk, ensuring that the exact issue is brought to light. Helpdesk tickets are good for quick fixes and small changes.  Here’s what My Service Center looks like:

But what if you need something big? Something that’s going to require a lot of time and resources? Then, we ask that you submit a project request. To do so, click on IT Project Request from within My Helpdesk. This will take you to the instruction page, which will walk you through the process. There’s even a video! 

At first blush, this seems like a ton of work just to request help, but the information you enter on the form assists with research that the IT project management team performs on every request. This research, combined with their knowledge and experience, helps them decide how much time and how many resources your request will require. If your request is, in fact, deemed to be a true IT project, you’ll be asked to present it at the monthly Opportunities Management meeting. There, the committee will hear your request and have a chance to ask questions about it. Offline, your request will either be approved or denied based upon established criteria, and if approved, prioritized with appropriate resource allocation. You’ll be kept in the loop the whole way.

Now, we need to talk about the elephant in the room—what’s the difference between a ticket and a project? On the IT side, it’s all about time, money and resources. Isn’t it always? But how the heck do you know how much something is going to cost or how long it’ll take? We don’t expect you to. Here are some general features of an IT project:

  • It involves multiple service lines, clinics, hospital units or patient care areas.
  • It involves adding any of the above.
  • It integrates software applications or involves more than one Epic module.
  • It involves significant changes to a workflow or will require user education and/or training.
  • It requires working with third party vendors.
  • It requires interfacing new computer hardware or medical devices with existing systems.
  • It involves adding a new software platform or Epic module.
  • It involves billing and/or scheduling.

Helpdesk tickets are usually easier requests like adding or changing a medication, procedure, order set, flowsheet row, questionnaire, note type or note template. If you’re in doubt, I’ll advise you to submit a ticket. If it needs to be a project request, we’ll just say so. If the ticket will suffice, you just saved yourself 10 minutes.

If you have questions or need assistance, now you know what to do! Keep being awesome!

Stephen Dolter, M.D. | CMIO

Call for “Medicinal Musings” Showcase

The Child Health Research Institute (CHRI) welcomes submissions from Children’s providers and medical students for its Medicinal Musings Showcase, a celebration of the healing power of the arts. This is a complementary, but independent, exhibit in conjunction with the CHRI Pediatric Research Forum on May 5 and 6. Presenting research at the CHRI Pediatric Research Forum is not necessary to submit creative works for Medicinal Musings. The deadline to submit is April 1.

CHRI seeks original written short works or excerpts of poetry and prose (both fiction and non-fiction), photography, visual art (drawing/painting/printmaking/mixed media works on paper) and musical compositions that highlight the art and humanistic aspect of medicine. The categories for submission are poetry, prose, photography/graphic art, 2D visual art and musical compositions. Outstanding work will be recognized in each category. 

While the theme of the forum is centered around child health, related or general topics of health, illness and physician wellness are encouraged.

  • Please complete the online submission form.
  • Once the submission form is complete, you will be directed to send your work/link to your work to [email protected].
  • Poetry/prose entries should be submitted using the CHRI abstract template and should be no more than 400 words (not including title, authors and affiliations).
  • Entry should not contain any identifying patient information.
  • One entry per artist per category.
  • Must be submitted by 4 p.m. on April 1, 2022.
  • Late submissions will NOT be accepted.
  • All who submit will automatically be registered for the event.

Submissions will be reviewed by a small panel of physicians to ensure appropriate content and confidentiality. A judging panel of local artists will help grant awards for each category. If your work is submitted and accepted, it can be listed on your CV as a “poster” presentation. All accepted pieces will be presented digitally via an online gallery. A physical showcase is being considered for the evening of May 5. Watch for more information to come. 

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