Please Conserve Respiratory Viral Panel Testing

Due to nationwide shortages of supplies, we are conserving Respiratory Viral Panel (RVP) testing for inpatients only. Our supply is low, with additional supplies potentially coming in the next few days. Immediately, Laboratory will change all RVP orders to a 4plex (COVID-19, Flu A/B and RSV) test. If RVP results are likely to affect patient management and/or isolation decisions, please contact Laboratory to discuss. 

We are unable to perform RVPs for any outpatients, CP/UC and ER; samples will be frozen in case we get additional supplies. After 4plex results are complete, if a RVP is still indicated, please contact Laboratory to discuss in further detail.   

Routine viral testing is not necessary for the diagnosis and management of bronchiolitis (see the 2014 AAP Clinical Practice Guidelines) and not needed for hospital admission. We thank you all in advance for your assistance in wisely using this limited resource.  Supply changes evolve rapidly, so we will continue to communicate updates as we have new information.

Please direct any questions to George Bedrnicek, M.D., in Children’s Pathology at 402-955-5528 or Tess Karre, M.D., at 402-354-7842.