Policy Reminder for Public Testimony

Nebraska State Legislature is in session; hearings begin Monday, Jan. 21. Often providers and staff are interested in advocating for or against a bill, which individuals are free to do. If you wish to testify as an individual, please contact Liz Lyons, Advocacy & Government Affairs, at 402-955-4139 to coordinate testimony, ask questions, gain feedback and receive helpful pointers to best prepare for your visit to Lincoln.

It is important that all individual testimony clearly state you are testifying as an individual, not representing the organization. For example, “My name is Jane Doe, I have 10 years of experience as a pediatric RN and I am here today testifying in (favor/opposition) on behalf of myself, not my employer.”

For weekly updates on legislative activity, please contact Liz Lyons to be placed on the distribution list or visit Children’s advocacy web page.

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