Quality and Safety Scoop: Announcing Clinical Effectiveness Newsletter

By Bridget M. Norton, MD, MBA, Chief Quality & Safety Officer and Director, Extracorporeal Services

Have you ever heard of Clinical Effectiveness? Let’s look at the definitions: Clinical (adj): relating to the observation and treatment of actual patients rather than theoretical or laboratory studies; Effectiveness (noun): the degree to which something is successful in producing desired results. That is exactly what our new Clinical Effectiveness (CE) team is here to do. Kelsey Spackler DNP, APRN-NP, recently joined the Division of Quality and Patient Safety as the clinical effectiveness program manager. The goal of the clinical effectiveness program is to maintain and improve the treatment of actual patients to produce the desired results! We want to make sure we are providing the best evidence-based care for all patients that come to Children’s. 

 The first part of this work is Clinical Pathways. Clinical Pathways are tools are used to guide evidence-based care, reduce variation and improve patient outcomes. The Clinical Pathways page on the intranet was recently updated and now has the capability to search for a specific pathway. You can also sort them so you can easily look at pathways that pertain to your clinical area. Now where do you find Clinical Pathways? The fastest place to find the link is under “Quick Links” on the right-hand side of the intranet home page. Other locations are under the “Healthcare Professionals” tab on the top of the intranet home page and in the sidebar of The Pulse. Or you can simply click this link and add it to your bookmarks: Clinical Pathways Archive – Children’s Hospital & Medical Center (childrensomaha.org). Go ahead and take a peek at all the clinical pathways and know that list will be growing and updated soon! 

 Want to know more? Click here to read the first monthly Clinical Effectiveness Newsletter.