Quality & Safety Scoop Announcements: PolicyStat Goes Live; CIHQ Survey Coming

By Bridget Norton, M.D., MBA, Chief Quality & Safety Officer

PolicyStat Launched
On June 22, Children’s launched a new policy management software program called PolicyStat retiring PolicyTech. This program is part of the RLDatix platform and will help ensure we have a connected framework between patient safety and risk management. This change moves us closer to our goal of proactive prevention of events rather than retrospective review.

PolicyStat is light years ahead of where we have been – utilizing a Google-like search functionality. As you begin typing letters, the system searches the titles and content of all the documents to best match the letters/words being typed. It even has enough intelligence to catch typos and/or letter combinations that may be part of the intended search. A top five closest-match listing will appear, but a full table of all the possibilities is only a click away. Watch this short 5 minute video to see all of this in action.

For those who participate in the reviewing of policies, procedures, forms, etc., PolicyStat brings the entire approval process into one location. It is our new Mission Control for document management.

These are just a few of the features you can begin getting excited to see in action. To boost your PolicyStat awareness, please click on the link below for a short video on what PolicyStat can do: https://hub.rldatix.com/SupportHUB/s/article/What-is-PolicyStat

2021 CIHQ On-Site Survey Coming Soon
Consultants from the Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality (CIHQ) will be conducting a mock Joint Commission Survey from July 13-15. The CIHQ consultants will be surveying the hospital, the Specialty Pediatric Center and Children’s Home Healthcare. They are not scheduled to survey the Hubbard as it will not be open yet. This will provide an opportunity to review best practices and identify any potential areas for improvement prior to our next Joint Commission survey. The consultants will be reviewing selected documents, policies, procedures, medical records and personnel files. They will also conduct interviews of key leaders and staff, so some of you may be contacted with questions. The Life Safety Specialist will tour the general facilities and support areas with our Facilities Operations and Maintenance team.

Thank you in advance for your preparation and participation in this mock Joint Commission survey as we strive to provide the safest and highest quality care for our patients.