Quality & Safety Scoop: NEW RLDatix Data Trending

By Bridget Norton, M.D., MBA, Chief Quality & Safety Officer

Reported errors and near-misses play a significant role in identifying safety risks for patients and staff. Since Eye on Safety (EOS) reporting has been in place for more than a year, we can now use the RLDatix system to assist in identifying trends related to patient and employee safety events. EOS reports are reviewed daily by a dedicated team of nurses in the Quality & Patient Safety Division. This process facilitates identification and prioritization of patient safety risks and assists in coordinating systematic, non-punitive investigations into those reported events. The Daily Safety Brief is also a venue where these EOS reports are discussed.

We are now able to aggregate this data over time to discover any trends that may be happening across the continuum. Aggregating data can detect systemic process issues, which can lead to process improvements, redesign of policies, changes to clinical care practices and workflows of individuals and teams. First and second quarter data trends from 2020 are posted on Children’s intranet to provide transparency on the most common themes identified and the actions put in place to mitigate some of the risks associated with these events. 

If you have access to Children’s intranet, click here to see the EOS aggregated data.

Please share this information with your team. We want our staff to know that we are listening and making changes as a direct result of their EOS reports. If you have questions, please email RLAdmins@ChildrensOmaha.org.

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