Quality & Safety Scoop: Reason to Celebrate!

Forty-two children were saved from preventable harm thanks to Children’s hospital-acquired conditions (HAC) work in 2019. HACs are preventable harm events that patients experience while in the hospital. These children were saved from preventable harm, representing a 31 percent decrease from 2018.

The K card initiative to reduce HACs was a major project started last year. We have reached a milestone of more than 1,000 K cards completed.

View a brief K card video (there is no sound)

Children’s has been recognized as ‘highly engaged’ by the Children’s Hospital Association’s Patient Safety Organization (PSO). The PSO has 63 participating children’s hospitals and is designed by pediatric safety leaders to eliminate preventable serious patient harm. Through this work, trends in patient safety events are shared nationally and the PSO works together with hospitals to develop safety alerts to mitigate these risks.

Children’s participation includes:

  • Weekly safety huddles with our 62 peers – similar to Children’s daily safety brief – in which hospitals share urgent safety concerns.
  • PSO monthly safe tables – rotating hospitals share serious safety events and their actions for resolution.
  • Safety alerts – when trends are identified, a safety alert is created for all hospitals to review, assess the risk and create action plans. Two recent samples are included below.

Accidental Burn
Wrong Site Surgeries

 (Thank you all for sharing in our commitment to preserve the privilege and confidentiality protections of these documents so children’s hospitals can learn together.)

These are all amazing accomplishments that required the hard work and dedication of so many people. Congratulations to everyone, and thank you for helping keep our patients safe!


  • John Walburn MD

    12 “fewer” infections . . .
    9 “fewer” infections . . .
    21 “fewer” events . . .

    Someone’s English teachers ears are burning.

    (You can feel free to publish my name.)

    • John Walburn MD

      teacher’s 🙂

      Mr. Whitesel is trying to reach me from the grave this very minute about proofreading what I write!!!

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