Quality & Safety Scoop: RLDatix Utilization Workgroup

By Bridget Norton, M.D., MBA, Chief Quality & Safety Officer

It has been just over a year since Children’s implemented RLDatix as our safety event reporting system. We have had over 8,000 Eye on Safety (EOS) events submitted in that time, which is amazing! A new workgroup has been created to ensure our utilization of RLDatix continues to grow and develop. Currently, Children’s has implemented the following four RL modules: Risk, Feedback, Peer Review and Root Cause. The functionality of these modules allows for the capture and exchange of safety event information into a single system, thus giving Children’s the ability to comprehensively manage reported safety events. 

The RL Utilization Workgroup will focus solely on the Risk module, the module where staff enter EOS events. This workgroup will provide guidance on system enhancements, improvements and optimizations for this module, as well as evaluate both the submission and reviewer workflows to ensure ease of use, standardized practices and consistent data capture.

Workgroup membership is a multidisciplinary representation of clinical and non-clinical employees functioning as event submitters and/or event reviewers from across the enterprise.  Members will serve as representatives of their respective areas and subject matter experts for their submission and/or reviewer roles. 

RL Utilization Workgroup members:

Alicia Bremer, Quality & Patient SafetyJennifer King, PharmacyMelisa Paradis, Quality & Patient Safety
Allyson Stepanek, Quality & Patient SafetyJessica Kjar, CPRachel Jacobs, 6MS
Andrea Peery, PICUJill Jensen, Quality & Patient SafetySandra Jameson, Lab
Annie Kline, NICUKari Hamrick, RadiologyStacy Kreikemeier, CP
Bridget Norton, MD, MBA, CQSOKatina Shapland, CCUStacy Nissen, Clinic Float
Erin Heisler, SPCLee Hulbert, 5MSTammy Ausenbaugh, PICU

The metrics the workgroup will track this first year include:

  • Process Measure: All general event-type forms will be assessed for relevance as evidenced by form usage, form length, mandatory fields and discrete field selections by the end of 2021.
  • Outcome Measure: Captured event data will provide tangible tracking and trending information by the end of 2021, as evidenced by completed discrete submission and reviewer fields.
  • Balancing Measure: The number of events being reported will remain the same or increase as evidenced by the monthly event submission rate per adjusted patient days throughout 2021.

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