Shadow Learner Programs Restart with New Guidance

“The shadows return” – sounds like a Halloween movie – it actually refers to recent Incident Command changes and approvals related to Children’s shadow learner programs. The option to have shadow learners on our campus has been approved, as long as the area and staff being shadowed feel that the process can be done in a safe and efficient manner. 

The Office of Education coordinates all shadow education opportunities at Children’s because students must sign non-disclosure agreements, provide proof of immunizations and have a staff member available to follow. 

For students in accredited programs who want to shadow to gain extra experience, such as medical students or students in a rehab program, we ask them to start the request process with their school coordinator. Schools often have additional requirements or need to coordinate with other students with similar interests. The school coordinator will then work with Children’s Office of Education coordinators to schedule and onboard the students.

Students outside of a Children’s accredited program who want to explore a possible future in a health profession, such as an undergrad pre-med student wanting to apply to medical school, should apply on The online registration system will go live in a few days.

Both kinds of shadow learners are processed through Children’s online student registration system, My Clinical Exchange.

Please be patient while these programs are restarted. For regularly scheduled educational programs, please allow six weeks from request to the planned rotation. This allows time for scheduling and verification of all requirements. Students, residents and fellows already in the process of onboarding at Children’s, and who have a deadline to meet graduation requirements, are prioritized.

  • All shadow learners must be vaccinated for COVID-19. The Office of Education is not granting waivers for non-accredited programs.
  • Shadow learner opportunities are for college students and above.
  • High school “Day in the Life” experience is under revision and will be the next program to return to Children’s.

These shadow learner opportunities are not the same as the nursing student observation program that restarted on March 1. That program has already relaunched and has its own set of guidelines. Please direct any questions to the academic team within the Office of Education.