Summer School: Disclosure Academy

Video Series on Adverse Events Continues

Throughout the month of July, Children’s Disclosure Committee has been sharing new information regarding Children’s Adverse Event Disclosure Program. A primary goal of this program is to support providers with resources to assist them with the disclosure of adverse events to patients and families.

Children’s providers do an outstanding job taking care of patients and often forget to take care of themselves. We know disclosure conversations are taking place, and they are often not documented in the electronic medical record (EMR). Without documentation, there is no proof the conversation took place; this may put you at risk. Take care of yourself: Document, Document, Document! Adding, “parents participated in rounds” or “discussed plan of care with parents” to your note is not enough. Documentation needs to specifically state that a disclosure conversation has taken place. We recommend you use the disclosure .phrase in the EMR.

Click here to view a video message from Ryan Sewell, M.D., J.D.