Technically Speaking: Best in KLAS

By Stephen Dolter, M.D., Chief Medical Informatics Officer

Satisfy.  Simplify.  Secure.

You may remember reading about the unofficial IT mission statement in the past. We always have it in the backs of our minds. It’s not just middle management fluff—we really take it seriously. How do we minimize risk in the environment? How can we standardize our systems and make them easy to use? And most importantly, how can we satisfy the needs of you, the end users? Because if we can give you the best tools, we can just get out of your way and let you deliver the best care to our patients.

With this in mind, I wanted to share some survey results with you. These data are courtesy of KLAS, a research firm whose mission is to offer healthcare marketplace transparency to hospitals and clinics around the world. KLAS surveys health care organizations (yes, we participate) and gathers satisfaction data on products ranging from EMRs to data visualization tools to security solutions. They then publish the results on their website for the world to see. Take EMRs for example. Epic stinks, right?  Wrong.  Here are the Inpatient EMR results, categorized into culture, loyalty, operations, product quality, corporate relationships and value:

You and I both know that Epic has its flaws, but it’s hands-down the best EMR out there right now. I know what you’re saying…what about the Ambulatory EMRs? Gotcha covered:

Again, Epic leads the way. What’s the point here? The point is to illustrate how much we care about the solutions we offer the organization. We switched to Epic back in 2013 because it was emerging as the market leader, and we’ve stuck with it as it’s become the gold standard for EMRs. 

We are constantly looking at this data for myriad other solutions and trying to secure the best software for our users. When the time comes to re-evaluate one of our platforms, we turn to KLAS (among other sources and expert opinions) to guide our acquisition of new technology. And if we already have the best of the best? Then we stay put—the satisfaction of our users depends on it.

Next up in our cycle is secure messaging (Voalte) and provider scheduling (Lightning Bolt), so be looking for demos in the fall and winter. If there’s another solution in the marketplace you’d like us to explore, please let me know.

Stephen Dolter, M.D., CMIO

Inpatient EMR survey source

Ambulatory EMR survey source

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