Technically Speaking: DUO for E-Prescribing of Controlled Substances (Part 2)

By Stephen Dolter, M.D., Chief Medical Informatics Officer

In February, we discussed replacing existing RSA fobs with the DUO dual-factor authentication app for electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS). Many of you who had been issued a fob volunteered to participate in a pilot, which started last week. The pilot has been an unequivocal success; users have reported only positive experiences with the new DUO workflow. 

If you currently have EPCS privileges, but haven’t yet received a text message about activating DUO mobile, please let me know. We’ll re-send the message, which looks like the one below. If your phishing alarm goes off, good for you…but the message is legit. 

It’s not a phishing scheme—I promise!

Just tap the link to add EPCS to your DUO mobile app. Once enrolled, you’ll be ready to use DUO for authentication once we go live on April 1. If you’ve already added EPCS to your DUO mobile app, you’re good to go.

Unless you’re a part of the pilot, your RSA fob will still work through March 31. Once we go live for all users on April 1, you must use DUO for EPCS—your RSA fob will not work. After go-live, you can dispose of your old RSA fob or recycle it at your convenience. 

Interested in signing up for EPCS?  Send me an e-mail at As always, if you have ideas for future columns, please let me know. Thanks to everyone who volunteered for the pilot and helped us optimize this new workflow! 

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