Technically Speaking: Phantom Voalte Alerts

Excellent communication is one of the cornerstones of the practice of medicine. Every day, we strive to advance the functionality of our solutions to ensure we can all talk to each other when necessary and do so in an efficient manner. So, when I heard about a bug in our Voalte platform that was compromising provider efficiency, I thought I’d let you know about it (and how to fix it).

From time to time, users will receive a Voalte alert that cannot be cleared.  No matter how often they open the app and tap on a conversation, Voalte will still list the conversation in bold font, and they will still see a badge on the Voalte icon on the home screen showing that they have an unread message. This invariably leads to the user thinking they somehow missed a message and checking multiple times, slowing down their day. This issue has been a problem for several months, but it seems to be much more common after the recent Voalte facelift. 

While we work on diagnosing the problem and implementing a solution, there’s an easy, temporary fix you can use—just quit the app and re-launch it! Note: quitting an app is not the same as returning to your device’s lock screen!

On an iPhone (X or newer), swipe up from the bottom and continue to hold your finger on the screen.  If your iPhone is a pre-X model, double tap the home button. On an Android device, tap the three dots in the bottom left. This will bring up a visual display of all your open apps. Flick the Voalte placard up to quit the app. Then, return to your home screen and tap the Voalte icon again. Your phantom message should now be cleared!

Some users have also reported inconsistent audible alerts (or a lack of audible alerts entirely) when using Voalte. These issues seem isolated and require unique fixes.

If you’re having trouble of any kind with Voalte, please reach out and let me know about it!  Thanks for all you do!

Stephen Dolter, M.D., CMIO

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