Technically Speaking: Telemetry Waveforms

In recent years, Children’s has partnered with Philips Healthcare to bring providers exciting innovations that make interacting with electronic health systems easier and more efficient.  The latest example is Philips Monitor Waveform filing. 

To make telemetry recordings more accessible, providers will soon be able to file them electronically to patients’ Epic charts. Paper fans, fear not—you’ll still be able to print them.  When they are filed electronically, they’ll be viewable in the Media tab in Chart Review. Yours truly was initially vehemently opposed to this idea because lots of other stuff gets filed there, and I worried that the waveforms would be too hard to find, but when our amazing analysts said, “Why not just create a filter and push it out to all providers without them having to create it themselves?” I quickly changed my tune.

So, if anyone wants to file a waveform to Epic, now they can. And if someone else wants to view them, they’re in the Media tab.  You can see them on the wards, you can teach them before boards. You can view them in your house (but don’t show them to your spouse)! You can view them here or there…you can view them anywhere!

Wait—what?! I don’t know what just happened.

At any rate, everyone should see a filter soon if you don’t already have it. The ability to file and view waveforms in Epic will be live on Monday, July 19.  Here’s a tip sheet on how to file and access the waveforms (special thanks to Vanessa Le and Kathy Inkley for this)!

As always, if you have ideas for how technology could make your work life easier, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Stephen Dolter | CMIO

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