Technically Speaking: The Daily Safety Briefing Dashboard

Safety. We talk about it all the time. It kicks off our meetings, mandates checklists to slow us down when errors are more likely to occur and generally guides our practice. Every morning, we gather on the Daily Safety Brief (DSB) WebEx to discuss…<record scratch>…the hospital census?! Not anymore.

Chanda Chacón, Children’s president & CEO, and Chris Maloney, M.D., Ph.D., executive vice president, chief clinical officer and physician-in-chief, recently called for a refreshed DSB format that returns to the original spirit of the call – safety – while still allowing attendees to see how patients are moving through the system. To replace the current unit roll call, they asked IT to compose an Epic dashboard that contains relevant inpatient census, COVID-19 data, Emergency Department visits and Operating Room utilization data. 

So, we did. The data was already there—we just needed to format it, validate it and pull it all together. Nearly all Epic users now have access to this DSB Dashboard and can review real-time patient numbers at any point throughout the day. The DSB is free to evolve into a true safety discussion as leaders see fit.

Here’s how to access the dashboard:

  1. Open Epic Hyperspace.
  2. Click on the menu bar option that says, “My Dashboards.” If it isn’t in your top menu, you’ll have to add it by clicking the wrench icon in the upper left.
  • In My Dashboards, search for “Daily Safety Brief (DSB)” or some approximation of it. If you want to be efficient, “dsb” will get the job done.
  • Select the Daily Safety Brief (DSB) dashboard.
  • You’ll now see the dashboard. Click the Play icons in each section of interest to run the embedded reports and retrieve the corresponding data.

Again, this is real-time data that changes as patients move and OR cases are booked and canceled. Look for the format of the DSB to evolve as users get used to consuming this information in Epic rather than as unit report-outs on the call. Chanda and Chris, take it away!

Keep dodging Omicron, and thanks for all you do!

Stephen Dolter, M.D., CMIO