The Universal Greeting Starts with Me

As we learned in Conflict Management training, the Universal Greeting is the first step in beginning an interaction with a patient, family member or colleague.  Key steps include:

1. Appropriate greeting – “Hello, I am Dr. Jones.”
2. Name and affiliation – “I am a provider in Children’s Emergency Department.”
3. Reason for contact – “I am here to examine your arm and figure out next steps.”
4. Relevant question – “How did you fall off the bike and injure your arm?”

As a provider, you are in a position in which you can inspire utilization of this skills with your teams and colleagues. Ideas for how you can promote the Universal Greeting to enhance outcomes include:

  • Serve as a role model and exhibit this behavior in everyday work.
  • Positively reinforce individuals that utilize the Universal Greeting.
  • Coach individuals in real-time when you see the opportunity to use the Universal Greeting.
  • Promote the Universal Greeting in professional atmospheres and meetings.
  • Share stories to reinforce the importance of using the Universal Greeting.
  • Partner with clinical and non-clinical leaders to set the expectation of using the Universal Greeting in all daily operations.

For more resources regarding Children’s Conflict Management Program, providers with access to Children’s intranet can visit the Workplace Violence Webpage on My Children’s.

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