Updated Support Tools Now Available for Obtaining Peripheral and Central Lines

Over the past year, a multidisciplinary group has worked on updating the line algorithm that supports providers in determining the appropriate line choice and helps nurses triage how to obtain access. This now includes a PIV Evaluation Tool (PIVET), which guides nurses in determining when to attempt access or when to contact an expert resource such as the vascular access team (VAT). Additionally, the algorithm clarifies the roles and responsibilities for sharing this decision-making with caregivers and obtaining consent for PICC lines.

Click here to see the algorithm, which can also be found on Children’s intranet in the IV Therapy Care & Management Policy

Thanks go to Ashley Thompson, VAT manager, Bobbi Hohman, PICU educator, and Larisa Bos, 6 Med/Surg educator, and the rest of the Line Algorithm work group for their support in this work. Please contact Ashley Thompson or Lauren Maskin, M.D., with any feedback or questions.